Properties and applications of redispersible polymer latex powder

Redispersible polymer emulsion powder is easy to be re-dispersed in water and/or alkaline cement mortar. Its performance is basically the same as that of the parent polymer emulsion, which is the prerequisite for its application. Moreover, it has good storage stability. Under conventional storage conditions, the polymer powder does not adhere to each other and maintains good fluidity. Typical properties of our redispersible polymer latex powder products are shown below.

The use of latex powder modified ceramic tile binder in addition to avoid on-site measurement error, RDP and water mixing process will not appear mixing error, because too much water will lead to insufficient anti-sag mortar, ceramic tile bonding; Too little water will lead to poor mortar performance, construction operation is difficult. Only the correct water mix, mortar can be suitable for construction requirements. Since the ratio of latex powder to cement (aggregate ash ratio) has been accurately controlled in the factory, it is easier to control the water-cement ratio in the construction site.

The function of RDP

  • (1) Have a good working (easy to construction);

  • (2) Good water retention (ceramic tile and base without prepreg and prewet);

  • (3) Open for a long time (there is enough time to adjust);

  • (4) Good anti-sag performance (ceramic tile does not slide);

  • (5) Ceramic tile binder condensation or hardening can be adapted to the frozen, wet, water environment, as well as the thermal environment and under the action of shear stress bond;

  • (6)  In a variety of natural stone and ceramic tile and all the grassroots between the production of good bonding strength and cohesion strength.

  • (7) RDP is below all sorts of climate condition, have enough fight deformation ability, can absorb and reduce the internal stress that causes because of coefficient of thermal expansion difference and base-level deformation and displacement between base-level and ceramic tile.

Quality standard

NO Test  items Specification
1 Appearance White powder, no caking
2 Bulk density g/L 540±50
3 Nonvolatile content /(%) 99±1
4 Ash/(%) 12±2
5 Fineness (through 0.315mm standard sieve) % ≥ 90

Use and storage

  • Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin during use. Protective gloves and goggles are recommended. In case of accidental exposure, please clean the stained part with clean water.

  • The product should be well protected from moisture during storage. If affected by moisture, the product is easy to agglomerate.

  • This product is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-flammable.

Storage life: 12 months from production date. If the shelf life exceeds, it must be tested and verified before use.

Packaging and transportation

It is sealed with polypropylene woven bag lined with polyethylene inner bag, net weight of each bag is 25kg.Avoid rain and sun during transportation.