Redispersible powder is widely used in exterior wall insulation and finishing systems for its convenience in storage and transportation and reliability in construction.

Function of RDP

1.RDP in bonding layer

In order to improve the equilibrium stability of binder quality, the screened liquid polymer was firstly prepared into redispersible emulsion powder. When it is made in the factory with cement, sand and other additives after dry mortar mixed with water at the scene, to disperse into the original eaux, play with the emulsion polymer in the same film and enhancement effect, because of its unique design, not 2 times under the influence of water dispersion in mortar hardened, binder usually contains more than 3% can be dispersed emulsion powder again can achieve good bonding effect.

2.RDP in protective layer mortar

The protective layer plays a key role in the long-term stability and mechanical stability of the system. As with bonded layer mortar, this layer is modified with a polymer containing ethylene redispersible latex powder. In addition, to increase crack resistance and durability, the bonded layer is embedded with a polymer-coated alkali resistant mesh cloth. Technical requirements for protective layer mortar are as follows:

Good construction, suitable for a large area of application, good adhesion with EPS plate, to reach or exceed the strength of EPS body, with enough relaxation or flexibility, can disperse contraction stress, avoid cracking; Good impact resistance, no damage under the impact of external forces, increased water and air permeability, prevent water intrusion and cause damage to the system, at the same time make the internal moisture volatile in time, long-term durability, play a key role in the polymer can play a long-term stable performance in various climate conditions.

3.RDP in finishing layer 

As the protective layer is still a cement base, all most common finishes are available. Considering the structural characteristics of the protective layer, the surface coating is required to have a good match in terms of elastic modulus, water resistance and air permeability, so it is necessary to add dry mixed surface mortar with re-dispersible powder.

Quality standard

NO Test  items Specification
1 Appearance White powder, no caking
2 Bulk density g/L 540±50
3 Nonvolatile content /(%) 99±1
4 Ash/(%) 12±2
5 Fineness (through 0.315mm standard sieve) % ≥ 90

Use and storage

  • Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin during use. Protective gloves and goggles are recommended. In case of accidental exposure, please clean the stained part with clean water.

  • The product should be well protected from moisture during storage. If affected by moisture, the product is easy to agglomerate.

  • This product is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-flammable.

Storage life: 12 months from production date. If the shelf life exceeds, it must be tested and verified before use.

Packaging and transportation

It is sealed with polypropylene woven bag lined with polyethylene inner bag, net weight of each bag is 25kg.Avoid rain and sun during transportation.