Vine-vinyl acetate copolymer can be re-dispersed powder (VAE), is a free flowing vine-vinyl acetate copolymer white powder formed by EVA emulsion after spray drying, it is easy to re-emulsify dispersed in water, forming stable emulsion. In addition to the original superior performance of EVA emulsion, and because it is a free-flowing powder, it is extremely convenient and reliable in handling and storage.
The re-dispersible powder produced by our company is a water soluble redispersible powder, which is made of vinyl acetate polymer, using polyvinyl alcohol as protective colloid, and contains no solvent and plasticizer.


  • Can improve its adhesion, bending strength, abrasion resistance and workability.

  • High flexibility, good bond strength.

  • Excellent waterproof performance.

  • Increase the elasticity of mortar and have a longer opening time.

  • Give mortar excellent alkali resistance. As VAE can be re-dispersible latex powder with high bonding ability and unique performance, such as: water resistance, construction and insulation. Therefore, their application range is extremely wide.

Product classification

Product properties

  • 1.Improve the bending strength and folding strength of mortar.
    The polymer film formed by the redispersible powder is very flexible. Film is formed on the clearance and surface of cement mortar particles to form flexible connection. Thus the brittle cement mortar becomes elastic. Mortar with redispersible powder is several times higher than normal mortar in tensile and folding resistance.

  • 2.Improve the bonding strength and cohesion of mortar.
    As an organic adhesive, the redispersible powder can form high tensile strength and adhesion strength on different substrates. It plays an important role in the adhesion between mortar and organic materials (ESP, extruded plastic foam plate) and smooth surface substrate. As a reinforcing material, the film forming polymer powder is distributed in the whole mortar system to increase the cohesion of mortar.

  • 3.Improve mortar impact resistance, durability, wear resistance.
    Rubber powder particles filled the cavity of mortar, mortar density increased, improve the wear resistance. Under the action of external forces will be relaxed without being destroyed. Polymer film can exist in the mortar system permanently.

  • 4.Improve the weather resistance of mortar, freeze – thaw resistance, prevent mortar cracking.
    The redispersible powder is a thermoplastic resin with good flexibility. It can make the mortar deal with the change of external cold and hot environment and effectively prevent the mortar from cracking due to the change of temperature difference.

  • 5.Improve mortar hydrophobicity, reduce water absorption.
    Redispersible powder in the mortar cavity and surface film, the polymer film will not be twice dispersed after water, prevent the invasion of water, improve the impermeability. It has excellent hydrophobic effect.

  • 6.Improve the workability of mortar construction.
    The particles of polymer rubber powder have lubrication effect. There is a lubrication effect between the particles of polymer rubber powder, which enables the mortar components to flow independently. At the same time, rubber powder has an induction effect on the air, which gives the mortar compressibility and improves the construction and workability of the mortar.


Product application

External wall insulation mortar

  • Binding mortar: Ensure that mortar can firmly bond the wall and EPS board. Improve bonding strength.

  • Surface mortar: Ensure the mechanical strength, cracking resistance, durability and impact resistance of the insulation system.

Ceramic tile binder and Tile grout

  • Ceramic tile binder: Provide high strength bond for mortar, give mortar enough flexibility to strain substrate and ceramic tile different thermal expansion coefficient.

  • Tile grout: Let mortar have impermeability, prevent water invasion. At the same time with ceramic tile edge has very good adhesion and low shrinkage, flexibility.

Ceramic tile renovation and wood plaster putty

  • Improve the adhesion and bonding strength of putty on special substrate (such as ceramic tile surface, Mosaic, plywood, etc.) to ensure that putty has good flexibility to strain the expansion coefficient of substrate.

Putty for inner and outer walls

  • Improve the bond strength to ensure that putty has a certain flexibility to ensure that putty has a certain degree of flexibility to buffer different stretching pressure produced by different substrate.

Self-leveling floor mortar

  • Ensure the matching of mortar elastic modulus. Firm resistance to bending and cracking. Improve the abrasion resistance, bond strength and cohesion of mortar.

Interface mortar

  • Improve the surface strength of the substrate. Improve the surface strength of the base material to ensure the adhesion of mortar.

Cement base waterproof mortar

  • To ensure the waterproof performance of mortar coating, and at the same time has a good adhesion with the base surface, improve the mortar compressive and flexural strength.

Repair mortar

  • The expansion coefficient of mortar and base material is matched, and the elastic modulus of mortar is reduced. Ensure that the mortar is hydrophobic, breathable and cohesive.

Masonry mortar

  • Improve water retention. Reduce water loss of porous substrates. Improve the ease of operation and efficiency of construction.

EPS line plastering/diatom mud

  • Improve construction operation and ease, improve adhesive relay and compressive strength, reduce water loss and extend service life.

Packaging and transportation

It is sealed with polypropylene woven bag lined with polyethylene inner bag, net weight of each bag is 25kg.
Avoid rain and sun during transportation.

Use and storage

Redisperse powder should be stored in a cool and dry place, it is recommended to use deadline for six months, when used in the summer, please try to use early, if stored in high temperature and wet places will increase agglomerate the probability, open after the bag also please as soon as possible once after use, otherwise the mouth must be sealed to prevent absorb moisture from the air.
Due to the thermoplastic nature of the powder, the stack height of the product shall not exceed 10 bags.

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